Saturday, January 9, 2010

Its day 2 and I feel GREAT!!

I have been fasting for 2 days and I lost 6lbs!!!! I feel so proud of myself.

I started at 136, yesterday I was at 133, and today im at 130!!! fuck ya!!!

But, its mostly water weight. Ill take it!! anything to make that scale say a lower number.

I feel so strong and in control when I actually keep up to my goals. Nothing taste as good as thin feels!!!

Im going to the ski resort today to get some extersize, I told my twin sister yesterday that im fasting ands she said she wants to do it with me so now i have someone to compete with. It really helps me to have her to call when im feeling week, and hearing about her progress makes me try that much harder. I need to start working out harder.

Anyone got any tips on a good work out to do at home that will make me swet? I heard my boyfriend say the otherday he weighed himself before his workout and after he workedout he had lost 4lbs, just from that workout!!!

well anyways anyone reading this who knows how im feeling please feel free to comment.

It feels really good to have somewhere to vent, im glad i found out about blogging. =)