Monday, January 18, 2010

Im trying not to give up here

why is it when I get on the scale it says the exact same thing I dont want it to? I have been stuck at the same weight for days. Im starving all the time, and NOT A POUND! whats up? Its hard to not give up. Its hard enough to cut back on drinking, but no food!

Ok, I just need to try harder and not give up. It can't NOT work. It will work, it always works. I'm just not trying hard enough.
these are the things I am constantly saying to myself.

Its true though. it will work. we all know it or we wouldn't do it.

I need help here, I feel myself getting week.


Gaunt Future said...

you can do it! take a few laxatives, a few fingers to the throat, and i bet you about 2 pounds will be gone in an instant.

don't get discouraged =)

Skinny Couture said...

Me too! I know that I have had serious calorie deficit and my scale is still stuck between 90-100. I lw that I try to maintain is 92! And its so hard for me. Although, in the summer, its a hellofa lot easier. So, I am fasting all weekend. Nothing but water

With Love

AVY said...

Don't starve, try to feel good instead.