Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is what I want my ass to look like!

This is what! I want my ass to look like!!!

New diet regiment from now on!

calories allowed, up to 600 per day, but only if I work some of it off.
Work out ever day 15 min cardio no matter what.
Only water!! no alcohol! lots of water.
(sex is always great to burns some extra cals. =)

So, this means I need to-
work out at least once every day (sometimes 2)
count every calorie (no more than 600)
drink water

Today- 134 lbs

Jan 27- 129

Feb 3- 125

Lets see if I can do it!!!

I have been having a hard time trying not to think about food or alcohol. I got so use to drinking and eating whenever I want, so quiting them both at the same time is even harder. I have high hopes though. I have been only been trying for a week now and my boyfriend said he already sees a small difference. =) !!! Just remember to think positive! If you think, "I will always be fat!" then you probely will. Just try to think about how skinny your gonna be in the future and how proud you will be that you did it and that will happen! Stay strong and think thin!


Aimee said...

I want an ass like that too!
Stay strong x

SkinnySomeday said...

dont you just LOVE it when someone finally stars to notice your weight loss? I can hardly wait until that happens for me. Good job and keep it up!!