Monday, January 25, 2010

The job went great I didnt eat

I like the fact that being at work keeps me busy so I don't have time to eat anything.  Its just that right around lunch time, when everyone around me is eating burritos and donuts, its hard to just get by on coffee and 1/2cup orange flavored fiber water. I just dont take any extra money to work to buy food with, or bring anything to eat. then by the time I got home today my head was pounding from hunger. I just need to go to bed early so I get more sleep, and am hungry less.

There were some super skinny girls there, the type of girls that I would love to look like.  Its giving me more motivation to not eat, so I can obtain my weight goals. I am fasting till 4 everyday, and only eating a nice dinner.

I was bad for a few days before I started work and didn't look the way I wanted to so I was mad about that. But happy that work help keep my mind busy and my stomach empty.